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Researcher in Wireless Communications Information Security Specialist

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My name is Aleksandr Ometov and I am a young and excited researcher living in Tampere, Finland. Currently, I'm involved in a H2020 EJD/ITN A-WEAR project as Training and Project Manager at Tampere University.


More of my credentials

Briefly, I have experience in security, networking, its analysis, software and web development, and organizational activities. Despite my current employment and research activities, I am an Editor of the International Workshop on Recent Advances in Broadband Access Networks (RABAN) as well as of the New2an conference and WWIC conference. As for my biggest achievements, I feel that developing, implementing, and integrating a protocol enabling secure proximity-based connectivity for intermittent cellular assistance is the one from developer point of view, while being a chairman of a retro scooter club for more than 10 years is the one from my living side.

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Work Experience

Project and Training Manager (PostDoc)

January 2019 - Present

Tampere University, Finland

Currently, I manage EU H2020 EJD/ITN A-WEAR project, which aims at educating 15 PhD students in less then 4 years.
Contacts: Assoc. Prof. Elena-Simona Lohan.

Technical Project Manager

January 2017 - December 2018

Yl-Verkot OY, Finland

My tasks included organization relations activities, project leading, and consultation in the field of my expertize.
Contacts: Dr. Alexander Pyattaev.

Research Scientist (UFO)

January 2017 - December 2018

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

Continuation of previous collaboration with TUT.
Contacts: Prof. Yevgeni Koucheryavy and Dr. Sergey Andreev.

Research Assistant

August 2013 - December 2016

Tampere University of Technology, Finland

The work was related to the research in modern wireless networks and information security related issues. I was utilizing such approaches as analysis (markov chains, regenerative cycles), modeling (self-developed, industrial simulators), prototyping and testing in real environment, and protocols development. I obtained experience working with conventional IEEE 802.11 protocols; some more specific ones like 802.11ah (which is currently developing for wireless sensor networks), cellular data offloading onto unlicensed bands and corresponding security challenges. Few successful field trials and integrations were done as well.
Contacts: Prof. Yevgeni Koucheryavy and Dr. Sergey Andreev.

IS/IT specialist

September 2012 – March 2013


As a beginner in a big company, I was given a wide range of duties: technical and user support; system administration; testing and further integration a software tool for complete inventory via local network and even an introduction of the personal information processing policy. After most of the routine was systemized, I finally went more into programming, which resulted in the trading system automatization framework and its further improvements with continuous integration.

Research Assistant

September 2011 – January 2012

St.-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, Russian Federation

Main research target was to get a basic idea on how the accelerometer of Nokia N900 operates and to develop an application to process data on board or to send it via any wireless interface to the server for further analysis. Worth to note, that main goal of this research was to determine a person by its motion mask. In the end, it was my first experience working on wireless communications and it resulted in the first publication. The project was financed by Nokia.
Contact: Prof. Andrey Turlikov


June 2010 - September 2012

Freelance community "fre-fre"

The team was of two students. I was mainly focused on the development and client/server application support. Everything was done mainly with .Net, msSQL and extensions. Nevertheless, documentation, technical and user guides also took its' places. Finally, it ended up as a group of copywriters foundation and its management for few years.
Contact: Dmitriy Azarov.


Doctor of Science in Technology

Wireless Networks

August 2017 - December 2018

Tampere University of Technology

As a natural continuation of my research career and some time in Industry, I decided to continue with a Doctoral Degree.
Thesis topic: Social, Private, and Trusted Wearable Technology under Cloud-Aided Intermittent Wireless Connectivity.

Master Degree

(with distinction)

Communication Systems and Networks

August 2014 - September 2016

Tampere University of Technology

After receiving my first degree in Information Security and obtaining some experience working in this feel but counting on real environment, I realized that having this theoretical knowledge would be insufficient without the understanding on "how do things work in real life". And that was the main reason to come to TUT and start working on security in D2D communications!
Thesis topic: Enabling Secure Direct Connectivity Under Intermittent Cellular Network Assistance.

Specialist Degree (MSc. equivalent)

Information Security

September 2008 - June 2013

St.-Petersburg State University of Aerospace Instrumentation, St. Petersburg, Russian Federation

My thesis was focused on Secured Proximity-Based Connectivity in Combined IEEE 802.11/3GPP LTE Networks, supervised by Prof. Andrey Turlikov. During the end of my studies, I became an exchange student in Tampere University of Technology and later in 2014 applied for a full degree in Information Technology.


Cyber Security Engineer

September 2015 - January 2016

Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

During this stay, I was developing an information security protocol suite to enable secure D2D communications supporting both in/out- of cellular coverage cases. Collaboration resulted in successful implementation and trialing the demo in live LTE core.
Contact: Dr. Jiří Hošek.

Networking Engineer

August 2014

Brno University of Technology, Czech Republic

Together with my colleagues we spent one month in Brno having access to the only one educational LTE core in Europe. I was responsible for the development of the android application for Galaxy S4 to enable direct UE’s WiFi-Direct connectivity orchestrated by the core plugin.
Results may be found via this link.


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The results of my research could be found here. If you would like to go through any of the papers - do not hesitate to contact me!

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